RecogniContact/COM – Address Parser COM component

RecogniContact/COM is a software component that allows software developers to add address parsing capabilities to their products.

For details on address parsing and the RecogniContact parsing technology, see the RecogniContact overview. RecogniContact/COM is available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. To use RecogniContact from other platforms, see our product RecogniContact/Web.


   lightning-fast parsing
   small resource footprint
   offline operation – no data transfer over the Internet required
   unlimited parsing volume
   easy integration into any Windows application
   redistribution licenses available
   sample source code available for C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basic (win32) and Visual Basic .NET

Technical details

Small resource footprint
RecogniContact was optimized for minimum resource requirements. The three redistributable files that will be installed on a customer's PC have a total size of less than 3 megabytes. These files already contain the database with place names and strings that are required to recognize country- and language-dependent contact information.

The time required to parse a contact information record is in the range of a few milliseconds.

Stand-alone solution – no Internet connection required
RecogniContact is a fully self-contained solution that performs the address parsing solely on the end user's computer. No connection to a server is required. Contact data need not be transferred via the Internet.

Integration with minimum effort
As a COM class, RecogniContact can be integrated into a Windows application with minimum effort. In a Visual Basic project, a basic integration of RecogniContact can be achieved as follows:

Dim RC As Object
Dim ParsedContact As Object

Set RC = CreateObject("RecogniContact.Parser")

TextToParse = "LoquiSoft, Porzellangasse 7a/8, 1090 Vienna,"

Set ParsedContact = RC.Parse(TextToParse)

...... now use ParsedContact.GetValue(<FieldID>)
...... to access the parsed values

RecogniContact/COM help file

Help See the RecogniContact/COM online help for the complete reference guide and source code samples for several Windows development tools.

Licensing and pricing

Pricing for RecogniContact/COM is individual. To receive your offer, please send us your inquiry containing the following information about the product into which you plan to integrate RecogniContact/COM:

(1) Product description
Describe the product and RecogniContact's added value.

(2) Number of customers/end users
How many customers/end users will be using this product? If no numbers are available yet, please estimate.

(3) Redistribution rights
Does the RecogniContact/COM component need to be included with your product and redistributed to your customers?