RecogniContact/Web – Address Parser Web Service

RecogniContact/Web is a Web service that allows software developers to integrate address parsing capabilities into their products.
See the RecogniContact overview for details about the RecogniContact address parsing technology.


   SOAP interface
   Can be used with any operating system
   Can be used with any development platform
   Fast and easy to integrate
   Source code samples available for PHP, C# and Java

RecogniContact/Web reference guide

Help See the RecogniContact/Web online help for the complete reference guide and source code samples for several scripting and programming languages.

Licensing and pricing

Pricing for RecogniContact/Web is individual based on your application. To receive your offer, please send us your inquiry containing the following information about the product into which you plan to integrate RecogniContact/Web:

(1) Product description
Describe the product and RecogniContact's added value.

(2) Number of customers/end users
How many customers/end users will be using this product? If no numbers are available yet, please estimate.

(3) Parsing volume and licensing model
RecogniContact/Web is licensed by parsing volume.
If your project requires a one time parsing credit, please specify the number of required parsing operations.
If your project requires a subscription, please specify the expected monthly parsing volume.