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class LicenseInfo
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class LicenseInfo

The RecogniContact web service method GetLicenseInfo() returns an object of class LicenseInfo, which contains information about your RecogniContact Web Service license.

Class members

string UserName;
User name associated with the license

string UserInfo;
Additional user information (name, address and contact details of the license owner) stored in the license database on the server.

dword MaxParsings;
Permitted TOTAL number of parsing operations in your license (0 = no total limit).
To get the number of already requested parsing operations to date, see method GetUsageStats()

dword MaxParsingsPerDay;
dword MaxParsingsPerWeek;
dword MaxParsingsPerMonth;
dword MaxParsingsPerQuarter;
dword MaxParsingsPerYear;
Permitted number of parsing operations per DAY/WEEK/MONTH/QUARTER/YEAR (0 = no limit).
To get the number of already requested parsing operations per DAY/WEEK/MONTH/QUARTER/YEAR, see method GetUsageStats()
A DAY is defined as starting at 0:00h Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
A WEEK is defined as starting on MONDAY at 0:00h Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

word LicenseExpiryDate;
Returns the license expiry date as a numeric value.
The value returned is the number of days since 1899-12-30.
The value 0 indicates that your license is not time limited.
To obtain the license expiry date as a readable string, use method LicenseExpiryDateAsString

string ParserCountries;
If your license is restricted to parsing addresses and contact information from certain countries only,

contains a comma separated list of the country ISO codes included in your license:
“DE,AT,CH” indicates that only addresses from Germany, Austria and Switzerland will parsed with your license.

An empty string indicates that your license allows parsing addresses from ALL supported countries.
For the complete list of ISO country codes see

string LicenseExpiryDateAsString;
If your license is TIME LIMITED, this is the license expiry date as a date string in international date format "YYYY-MM-DD"
If your license is TIME UNLIMITED, this is an empty string.

string CallerIPRange;
If your license permits calling the web service only from a specific IP address or IP address range, CallerIPRangeStartAsString and CallerIPRangeEndAsString will return this IP address or address range

Only parsing requests originating from IP addresses within this range will be accepted by the RecogniContact web service.