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class ParsingResult
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class ParsingResult

The RecogniContact web service methods Parse() and FindAndParse() return an object of class ParsingResult.
ParsingResult contains the items of the parsed address and contact information.

Class members:

string Prefix;
Prefix title (Dr., Prof.) or salutation (Mr., Mrs.)

string FirstName;
Person's first name, or - if no complete first name was specified - the initial letter of the first name

string MiddleName;
Person's middle name, or - if no complete middle name was specified - the initial letter of the middle name

string LastName;
Person's last name

string Suffix;
Postfix title (MBA) or name suffix (jr.)

string Company;
Company name

string Company2;
Second line of company name

string Position;
Person's job title or professional position

string StreetAddress1;
Street address of a postal address; requires a complete postal address (include place name and zip/postal code) to be specified

string StreetAddress2;
Second line of the street address

string PostboxAddress;
Post office box address
  P.O.Box 12
  Postfach 12

string PostboxPostCode;
Post code belonging to a post office box address

string PostCode;
Post code/ZIP code of a street address
NOTE! If a post office box address is specified, its post code/ZIP code will be parsed into PostboxPostCode.
NOTE! RecogniContact will only recognize post codes/ZIP codes if they are combined with a place name.

string PlaceName;
Place name of the postal address
NOTE! RecogniContact will only recognize place names when they are combined with a post code/ZIP code.

string Province;
Province, region or state in which the place is located
Applies to the following countries:
  USA: US state
  Germany: Bundesland
  Austria: Bundesland
  Switzerland: canton
  Italy: province

string Country;
Full country name, as it was specified in the source string
If the country is not specified explicitly in the source data (but with the help of the place name database, a country domain in email or web addresses, etc.), Country will be the country name in English.
To obtain a language independent country code, use CountryIsoCode.

string Phone1;
Fixed line phone number.

string Phone2;
Second fixed line phone number.

string Mobile;
Mobile phone number

string Fax;
Fax number

string Email;
Email address

string Url;
Website address

string Gender;
Person's gender
RecogniContact looks up this information in a built in database of first names.
Possible values are:
  M - Male
  F - Male
  MF - Male or female (undecidable for names like Alex, Sasha, etc.)
  ? - an unknown first name was identified
  [empty string] - if no first name was parsed

string CountryIsoCode;
The 2 letter ISO 3166-1 country code of the country in which the parsed address or contact record is located.
NOTE! The 2 letter ISO country code is identical to the country top-level domains used in website and email addresses, with the only exception of the United Kingdom (ISO code = GB, Country TLD = UK)

For the full list of ISO 3166-1 country codes, see

string Unrecognized;
A string containing all items that were not recognized as contact data fields.
Items are separated by the character ‘|’ (ASCII 124, 0x7C).

NOTE! Unrecognized will only be set in ParsingResult objects returned by the method Parse().
In ParsingResult objects returned by the method FindAndParse(), Unrecognized will be an empty string.