RecogniContact/Web - International Address Parser Web Service - class UsageStats
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class ParsingResult
class VersionInfo
class LicenseInfo
class UsageStats
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class UsageStats

The RecogniContact web service method GetUsageStats() returns an object of class UsageStats which contains usage statistics for your current license.

Class members:

dword NumberParsings;
Total number of successful parsing requests for your license

dword NumberParsingsToday;
dword NumberParsingsThisWeek;
dword NumberParsingsThisMonth;
dword NumberParsingsThisQuarter;
dword NumberParsingsThisYear;
Number of successful parsing requests in the current DAY/WEEK/MONTH/QUARTER/YEAR

A DAY is defined as starting at 0:00h Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
A WEEK is defined as starting on MONDAY at 0:00h Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)