RecogniContact/Web - International Address Parser Web Service - Exceptions
SOAP Methods
class ParsingResult
class VersionInfo
class LicenseInfo
class UsageStats
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If an error occurs in one of the RecogniContact SOAP methods, a SOAP exception will be thrown.
The error message in the exception objects always has the format

RecogniContact Error NN: error description

- error discription
contains details about the error that occurred.
- NN will be one of the following error codes:

1 - invalid license key
The license key provided is invalid.

2 - invalid request IP (client IP not in IP range)
The source IP address, from which the SOAP request was sent, is not in the range of allowed IP addresses for your license.
To find out the valid IP range for your license, use the method GetLicenseInfo.

10 - license has expired
Your license exceeded its validity date.
To find out the license expiry date, use the method GetLicenseInfo.

20 - parsing quota exceeded
The limit on the number of permitted parsing requests was exceeded for your license.
To find out which limit was exceeded (permitted parsing operations per DAY/WEEK/MONTH/QUARTER/YEAR or the TOTAL number of parsing operations), use the methods GetLicenseInfo and GetUsageStats.

30 - Country not licensed
The yountry of the parsed contact is not in the list of licensed countries.
To find out which countries are included in your license, use the methods GetLicenseInfo.

99 - internal error An internal error occurred in the RecogniContact Web Service.
Please contact LoquiSoft for assistence.