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Deploying RecogniContact
Class IContactParser
Class IParsedContact
Class IParserSettings
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Installing RecogniContact/COM Address Parser with your application

Please note the following instructions on how to deploy RecogniContact/COM. These instructions apply if you want to install RecogniContact/COM on a computer where you did not install the RecogniContact/COM setup package. If you redistribute RecogniContact/COM with your application (an according license is required), your application setup must perform the following steps.
  1. Make sure your applications uses a perpetual (non-demo) RecogniContact/COM license key when your applications calls IContactParser.Initialize(). Never deploy an application with a demo license key, as it will expire on the set date.

  2. Your application setup must install the following files:

    Place these two files into the same folder.

  3. In your application setup, register RecogniContact.dll as a COM component using
    RegSvr32.exe RecogniContact.dll

    When uninstalling your application, call
    RegSvr32.exe /u RecogniContact.dll
    to unregister the COM component.

  4. If you are installing RecogniContact/COM to a web server, make sure your internet server users have read access to the folder where you installed the RecogniContact/COM files.