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Using RecogniContact
Deploying RecogniContact
Class IContactParser
Class IParsedContact
Class IParserSettings
Sample code for C#
Sample code for C++
Sample code for Delphi
Sample code for Visual Basic (win32)
Sample code for Visual Basic .NET

Using RecogniContact/COM Contact Data & Address Parser in your application

To use RecogniContact/COM in your application, please proceed as follows.

  1. Download RecogniContact/COM from LoquiSoft's website and install it on the development machine.
    During the installation, the setup will automatically register RecogniContact.dll as a COM object using
    RegSvr32.exe RecogniContact.dll
    (See Deploying RecogniContact for instructions on how to install the RecogniContact/COM along with your application.)

  2. Create a reference to the RecogniContact/COM component in your development environment.
    In Visual Studio C#, click Projects > Add reference > tab sheet "COM" > select "RecogniContact library".
    In Visual C++, use #import "RecogniContact.tlb" in your cpp source code.
    In Borland Delphi, click Component > Add component > Import a type library > \RecogniContact.tlb > Palette page: none > Add unit to ... project)
    In Visual Basic (win32), add RecogniContact.dll to your Project references (menu Project > References)
    In Visual Basic .NET, click Projects > Add reference > tab sheet "COM" > select "RecogniContact library".

    For other development tools, consult your manual about creating references to COM objects.

  3. Implement your code using these RecogniContact classes:

    For code samples showing how to use RecogniContact/COM, see